Monday, November 20, 2006


Lately, I've been hoping to get past the latest set of complications and I imagine what I hope will be the immediate future--- quiet days in my chair, reading, schmoozing on phone and email, and keeping up with my medications. Some good news is I just got the latest chemo approved for ONE YEAR until next NOVEMBER. So that's what Im hoping will happen--- quiet, relatively pain free, with lots to read and nice conversation with friends and colleagues. And maybe even a movie once in a while. But to get to that, I first have to get five pesky stitches removed and at weekly shots that should revive my energy. Let's see what happens.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Last Wednesday was pretty eventful. I was getting tired of back pain so I took way too many anti pain pills and got dizzy. So about 10:30 at night I slipped to floor in slow motion, my glasses cut my face, and I bled way too much. With the help of a wonderful neighbor, Amy, I ended up at Newton Wellesley and got 5 stiches from a very capable doctor and home by 2 a.m. Since then I've been feeling much better!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


JUST HEARD FROM DR. ROBINSON ABOUT THE PET SCAN: It's mixed news. Some of the tumors have shrunk, and some of the bone cancer is less, though the markers are still going up, and there are new areas in my spine. What's next? More radiation and yet another drug that might help. Fortunately, though there's cancer in the spine, there's none in the brain and head, so I retain whatever faculties I have. I also feel pretty good, except for some bone pain, which the radiation may help take care of. We shall see. All in all, the Doc says there are some good things though it's a mixed bag. I feel pretty good, and the Republican loss helps my mental state. So I'm hanging in. Hope to see some of you soon. I'm still enjoying the wedding in my mind--it was great and proves that I do need to get out and do things when I can.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yesterday, my daughter Rachel got married! She and Dan, her new husband, planned it all, so all we had to do was go. And it was great! The service, in Marsh Chapel, was short and sweet and we all sat in the choir loft (only 35 guests). Then we went to a terrific restaurant, THE LINEAGE, for a great meal and lots of schmoozing. I was worried I wouldn't have the strength the last it out, but everyone helped and I made it. It was a wonderful day, and helped me feel normal for an evening. Otherwise, I'm hanging in--- reading a lot, resting a lot, and visiting with my great kids.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Click on the title to hear a new Democratic campaign song--it's been used for two Congressional races so far. This has the best visuals. It's really great.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm back. Been busy doing nothing, but I do feel better. When I first get the chemo, I'm in bad shape for a week or so. Then, as it wears off, I feel better and better. So I've got a good week coming until I'm hit again. But I'm hanging in there, with the help of Sandy of course. Thought you might like some great sand castles---click on the title to take a look.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Get a load of these paper sculptures by clicking on the title of this post. You can see how they were cut out, and it's pretty neat.